Monday, 8 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #7: Journals

Today for my christmas Challenge I whipped up a bunch of little journal books.
 I love these simple books I use them all the time, I pop them in my bag and they tend to go everywhere with me. They don't feel quite as precious as a bought journal, something about a bought journal or note book that I find hard to start using and I find hard to fill up, like I don't want to ruin the pages! But these little notebooks are just awesome for all sorts of things, I have one right now that has plans of all of my christmas things.
 So I whipped up seven of them and they will all make it as a gift for someone I know because they are so versatile. 
 How I made them: I simply took about 6 sheets of white A4 copy paper and folded it in half. I then cut some scrapbooking papers so that they would be a few millimetre s bigger on each side, and folded that around the copy paper. I then stitched right down the centre with my sewing machine using a largish stitch. I then decorated them with some twine and ribbon and some stars that I had die cut. Easy!

Thes Journals would be great for:
* Gifts for kids who love to write or draw, you could add some pencils or pend to go with it.
*The list maker in your life
*For a penpal, they would be fairly easy to post, they are flat and light.
*For all that Christmas planning and list making  (for yourself lol)
*For people who do bullet journalling or have midori's they would be easy to make just the right size!

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