Friday, 3 October 2014

Mamie Made Christmas: Cards

So going with my Christmas themes I came up with two coordinating cards.
 I prefer to keep Christmas cards as simple as I can and I generally play around with a few different designs before I settle on what I end up with. I had really wanted to have feathers on my cards this year but it just didn't work for me. So don't be afraid to play around until you decide on something that you like.

I have incorporated my theme into the cards and they also give me a few options to go with with other things later, like wrapping and tags. For instance I may end up making star shape tags, tags with the theme written on them or tags with butterflies on them. And wrapping paper could be white, gold, blue, pink or even brown paper.
I cheated a little I purchased a pack of blank white cards with envelopes this time, they have a glossy look to them and made life a little easier as the envelopes fit perfectly and I don't need to go and buy separate envelopes. I printed the theme onto card stock and cut them out with my paper trimmer. The stars were traced and hand cut and the butterflies were cut with my new toy the silhouette cameo but you could easily use a butterfly punch to get a similar effect.
So there you have it! My cards are all made and out of the way.

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