Friday, 10 October 2014

Mamie Made Christmas: Ornaments of Christmas Past

I have a kind of love affair with felt Christmas ornaments. I make them every year. It would be totally awesome one day to have a whole tree covered in handmade felt ornaments but I'm not quite there yet. I thought I would share a selection of them here....
 Rainbow Stockings
Little birds
 Matryoshka dolls
Gingerbread Houses 
Bauble Style ornaments 
 Stars inspired by the Allsorts blog
And even Christmas Owls
I usually give felt ornaments at Christmas I usually use them to decorate gifts or tie onto cards. I think they make a sweet small gift for someone you would just like to give a little something too. Or they make a gift look a little special. I will be interested to see this year when I pull out the decorations just how many I have left because I usually give most if not all of them away.
One other little idea that I love is making one ornament for your child ach year so that when they grow up they have a set of ornaments, I think I might even start doing that this year.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some felty Christmas ornaments, Tomorrow I will be here with some that I am making this year.

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