Monday, 27 October 2014

On My Table Tuesday

Of course there have been lots of things happening on my tables recently.
My Lovely Hubby bought me flowers, just because he knows I love them. He doesn't buy them very often because he will only buy them when he thinks they are super fresh! He is always wanting only the best for me, it makes me laugh, hes so sweet!Of course I love homegrown flowers but it is always a special treat to have something different.

 These delicious almond meal chocolate chip cookies have really been hitting the spot lately when I've been craving something sweet. I must make some more they get eaten way to fast.

 There has been a lot of making on my table lately. This starry stringy garland has been making me happy and has also made it on to a Christmas mobile of sorts.
Lastly there has been some Christmas magazines making there way on to my table. I just get so excited when I see this type of thing out. This one is especially nice because it contains lots of making ideas and also Christmas themes. Love it!

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