Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mamie Made:Christmas Ornaments

 OK So I've been away much longer than I had intended, mostly because well I've had no internet. So lets get back to it.

Here are the ornaments that I've started on for this year.
I'm so wishing that I had better photos of both of these ornaments the reindeer now has red polka dot ribbon around his neck. I am totally loving him. I found him on Pinterest but it was from an Etzy store that is no longer running, so it is a copy of that and not my idea but I just loved him so I went with it.

This little Christmas cupcake/pudding is completely designed by me and I think I have sewn up at least 20 of them so far. I'm undecided if I'm selling the lot, keeping them or giving them as gifts or some combination of the three.
Anyway its nice to be back and I will see you again very soon xxxx

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