Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mamie Made Christmas: Starry Garland

I bought a star punch recently I was originally looking for a larger one, this one is 1 inch Id really like about a 2 1/2 inch star punch. I am forever using star shapes every where, with little boys around the house it seems to be my go to shape. I also really love stars in all of my Christmas decorating.
I thought it might be nice to make a simple garland with it. So I got out some string and my tiny attacher and began stapling the stars to the string. This is so nice and simple to do that I was doing it in front of the TV, I love crafty things I can do at night in front of the TV. 
I choose these blues and whites because it will go with the tree in our family room, but I think red and White would go especially nice with the twine.
I used a card to wrap the string  around as I was going just to keep it from becoming a tangled mess. But it made me think that this could make a very pretty addition to a simply wrapped christmas gift.
I was originally going to use this on my tree or around my home but I have since used it to make a mobile of sorts. So there are many uses for this pretty starry garland.

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