Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Are You Organised at Christmas?

Or do you have the same problem that I have rushing to get everything done, stressed tired and in a tiss, up late at night wrapping pressies. When I would much rather be watching carols and having a glass of wine with my gorgeous hubby!
(This is one of the Christmas Tree Soap's that I sold last year)

Well this year I am determined to be having that glass of wine and enjoying all of the Christmas loveliness This year I have decided to set myself a date to get everything done. I'm talking everything, gifts made, bought and wrapped, cards done, advent sorted (I'll explain our advent later) and everything just super duper organised.  I don't make all of the gifts we give, not even half but I love to have a handmade feel to the gifts we give even if that is just a hand made card or tag and that takes time.

My deadline is Friday November 21st 

This gives me a full week before our advent begins to relax.
That point is that I want to be able to enjoy the Christmas season and I have to say that I have had conversations with my three boys (hubby included) about which things they really hate doing at Christmas and things they love. There are a few things that we won't be doing this year because I want the season to be enjoyable for all of us. This might be a conversation that you have with your family there might be things that they have always wanted to do but you are usually too busy or there might be things you let go of because not everyone is into it.

So this is what I will be doing:
October will be generally for making, I've already begun to make lots of little things but still have a list of things I would like to make as gifts and decorations for our home.
Also if you have a meal at your house or family coming on Christmas day this might be something you may want to think about organizing, Christmas can get expensive and if your organised you can begin to pop some things away now and take some pressure off later.

November will be for finalizing everything, wrapping gifts and writing cards.
Also during November in our home we celebrate Thanksgiving, yes us little Aussies have made our own little tradition the date tends to move around to suit us, this year it will be on the 29th of November. We love this little tradition I think its important to be Thankful for all we have and this gives our family the chance to focus on the things that matter the most to us right before the Christmas craziness. Also another reason why I want to have Christmas stuff sorted before then.

So what do you think? Do you have one thing every year that you wish you would do early or would you like to get everything done early like me?
I would love for you to follow along or join in my Mamie Made Christmas!

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