Sunday, 4 January 2015

180 ornaments

I have began one of the bigger goals for the year, to create 180 handmade ornaments for my Christmas tree this year. While I am super motivated I think its a great time to start. I hope that I make it to 180 well I am going to give it a go!
 So I am making all the ornaments with pink because I want them to go on my 'pink tree' which is actually a white tree that will have pink ornaments on it. This last cChristmasI had pink and gold ornaments on it but since I am thinking of making as many of the ornaments as I can out of felt I think that gold might be a super hard colour to find in felt so I may end up choosing another colour to go with the pink- may be an aqua or a greeny aqua colour that would go with my bedroom too.
So I thought I should show you what my 'pink tree' looked like so here it is! It was super hard to photograph I had it up on a little table and right in the window so that it could be seen from the road in the bay window of our bedroom. Also don't mind my unfinished curtains, I really need to get around to finishing them off.
 It was so lovely at night lying in bed looking at the twinkling lights and looking at the pretty ornaments. The lovely Dee (the old fat hen) sent me those large gold baubles with our names written on them- they will be treasured for years to come :-) Next Christmas the gold ornaments will go on my traditional tree.
I hope I haven't bothered you with my Christmas talk, its going to be going on throughout the year, sorry!! LOL
175 to go!

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  1. OOh, how lovely! Can't wait to watch your progress with this. We pretty much have 99% handmade decorations on our tree and I love it so much!