Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Project Life Catch Up

I've had kind of a crazy day and a crazy weekend, we spent the weekend sailing and it really wasn't a great place to craft even though I took a few crafty options with me. Oh well I will be back into it very soon because I am dying ;-) Too much boy stuff and not enough crafting!!
So I am way behind on my project life pages, I finished my last few pages back in early October. Hopefully I can get some photos printed off soon and finish up last years album! 
It was the week of Luke's birthday so I just went for it with pictures of him.
His birthday happened to be the week after a seizure so in a way it felt super fitting to be celebrating him and his birthday. Thank goodness we haven't had another since then but when it happens it really does make you feel thankful for every small detail and every loving person around us and reminds you to live in the moment!
So that is a little catch up of some of the last pages I managed to do last year. I've got some lovely crafty things lined up so I am hoping to get stuck into them so I can share them here really soon!

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  1. Love your project life work Amie it is so good ...Also I had to laugh again when I saw Lukes mouth its so funny when they lose teeth they jut look awkward but it always makes me smile-love dee x