Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Catch Up

This is kind of a crazy post, but I felt like there was so much that I hadn't shared from all of my Christmas making. I don't want to be harping about Christmas but there were a few lovely things that were made and I felt like I should share them here.
 First up I hand made some bonbons, well sort of my silhouette and Wilna Furstenbergs class here did help me. They were truly lovely to make and really felt like something pretty and useful to make for the Christmas table, it really took me right back to the reason I make things, the heart of it. It just makes my soul happy.
 These little houses were also from the class but also something that is right up my ally I just had to make them, they were probably the fastest houses I have made, because I didn't add tabs I just went straight for it with the hot glue gun, they were such fun. They ended up going on our Christmas table with each persons name on it and they were lovely with the bonbons.
I will probably be making some version of these for Valentines day or Easter soon :)
 Snail Mail was also made, I had a lot of fun making this one. It included a decoration to help decorate the tree, tags to help with gift wrapping and a little note book that I made to help organize yourself at Christmas, just a nice spot to write down any ideas for Christmas.
 Lastly there were lots of Santa Soaps and Gingerbread men Soaps made, lots were gifted and some were sold.They also ended up being a lot of fun, I didn't go crazy making them this year so that's a bonus.
Id love to be able to tell you that this is the last of the christmassy stuff but I have been finishing up a December daily album too and I think it would also be lovely to share it here when I am finally done :-)
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  1. I love christmas stuff any time of year. Absolutely gorgeous little makes. The cute houses and bon bons are adorable.

    1. Thanks so much knitbakecultivate, they were such fun to make. xx

  2. its never to late to do Christmas posts as there is so much you want to share so just go for it...I for one always enjoy your IG and blog and I have used your ideas for myself so big thanks-love dee x