Thursday, 1 January 2015

January Dreams

I don't know what happens to me over December, things get crazy and I tend to fall off the planet.
We had a lovely Christmas and we even dressed up as Santa, Mrs Clause and two little elves, it added a lot of extra fun to Christmas :-)
Anyway I do love new beginnings and I always love January. Its such a lovely time to think about all the amazing things you want to do in the year, so much possibility when every thing feels easy. Its a time to dream big.

I have a few big goals I would like to reach this year:
Save a substantial sum of money so that we can build an outdoor area (deck etc)
Walk 5 Days a week.
Blog more!!
Scrap More my style, not get so caught up in what everyone else is doing.
Keep on top of my laundry (ahhh I hate laundry!) 
Get more wicking beds going in the garden.
Create a handmade Christmas Tree.

I think my biggest crafty one is I would like to have a handmade Christmas tree. I've always dreamed of having a Christmas tree covered in handmade ornaments so yesterday when I took the tree down I counted how many ornaments were on it  a large grand total of 180 ornaments! I would love to have them all made out of felt but I think that might be unrealistic.
So I am hoping to make 18 ornaments a month for 10 months. That would mean that I would  have them all done by November, plenty of time, hopefully ;-)

Have you been dreaming up some lovely things for this year?

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