Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mamie Made: Starry Garland Mobile

I just realized that I never popped in to share what I ended up making with my starry garland from this post. December got just so busy and there were a few things I made that I didn't end up sharing here. I made a mobile with the starry garland that hung over our dining room table for Christmas time.
 It was really simple to make (my favorite) and is just two hoops covered in tulle, the wrapped in tinsel and then each strand of stars was either tied on or stapled to the tulle. I then cut some pretty reindeer with my silhouette and hot glued them on.
I had transformed it since last Easter when I had it up with punched butterflies that had been hand sewn, it took me a whole weekend of sitting sewing those butterflies, and while it was pretty it was super prone to getting tangled up if you moved it anywhere.
So the blue version of the mobile is still up and it was used for Blake's birthday. I simply took the tinsel off and the reindeer and added a little crepe paper and  hung it a little lower to the table.
I am thinking of transforming it again for Valentines Day and then again for Easter, but I'm not sure what I would like to hang from it this Easter. 

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  1. I love this and gee I am going to make one for sure don't know when but I will...for your easter one why don't you just do bunnys and dee x