Sunday, 11 January 2015

180 Ornaments

So this week I've been working on making some little house ornaments for my Christmas tree. And can I tell you that I am loving these, they are pretty cute!
 I've made eight so far and I am just mixing up colours and having fun with them. They are pretty small though which would be great for a small tree but since mine is large I think its time that I made some larger ones to go with these. When I drew up the pattern I had a little scalloped edge under the roof  that I couldn't fit on these small ones but if I make some larger ones I should be able to fit it on.
I think I might make a few in some different colours simply because I think these little houses would look cute on gifts. I've also made some white and pink stockings, so I now have eight stockings and eight houses.
That takes my total to 16, two off of what I need to make this month.
Which leaves me with 164 to go!

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