Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Planner

I just purchased this Kikki.K planner after much searching around and finding nothing that was cute and practical, I ordered this one online and it finally arrived and after  a crazy run home in the rain with the box under my arm trying to protect it from getting wet it made it into my home.
 Anyway I had been wanting a place to put all the things that I usually write down on scrap pieces of paper I end up with piles of paper around the place and never able to find the one list that I need. So I wasn't really wanting a calender style folder and I also wanted it to be small enough that I could take it with me in the car, we spend a lot of time in the car waiting and travelling to and from school during the year.
 I wanted a place where I could: track my goals, put weekly menu plans and shopping lists, keep a weekly cleaning plan, Christmas and birthday panning and also write ideas for blog posts. Usually all of these things are done on random bits of paper.
 So far I have managed to add a section for menu planning and have printed out some menu plans that I created, they're not perfect yet but they will do for now. I've got a few other things that I would like to print off like a shopping list and I would love some way to track my goals, to see that I am making progress (or not lol).
 I've still got a  little to do to sort out all of the things I want to keep here and I am working out weather to keep the dividers and pages that are in here and just adjust them or to make new dividers and new pages that are more suitable.
I've added some kaiser kraft stickers into the pocket and some project life cards for now. I'm sure that I am going to make lots of adjustments to make the planner work for me but other than that I am super happy with this gold planner and I'm super excited to start filling it up.

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