Monday, 5 January 2015

On My Table Tuesday/Around My Home

There have been lots of lovely things around my home the past few days while I have been shifting out all of the Christmas things and cleaning up spaces and adding things back in, creating new little spaces. There was a lot of furniture moved around for Christmas so now that things are being moved back its been nice to reassess spaces and decide if they are working or not and there has been a little clearing out to make some space.
There have been some lovely summer moments.
 There was a trip to T2 to use a gift voucher I received for my birthday, my very first T2 purchase and it wont be my last. If only there was one closer, this particular store was over an hour away :-(
 My Lovely Hubby has been cooking up some yummy breakfasts too. 
 Whats on your Table this Tuesday?

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