Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My One Little Word for 2015

My One Little Word  has found me this year, I could feel it creeping up on me towards the end of 2014. There were some moments that stood out to me and the only way that I could define them was: Magical.
So my word for 2015 is Magical
- relating to using or resembling magic
-beautiful or delightful in a way that is removed from everyday life.
I especially love that second meaning, beautiful or delightful in a way that is removed from everyday life. Isn't it just so easy to get stuck in our lives, to get in a rut, to not live in the present I think its so easy to get into a pattern where we don't see the magic in our lives at all.
I've thought about this word a lot and I have two different ways that I would like it to be a part of my life this year. The first is what I would call Magically Peaceful, these are the moments that are right there in front of us there to see at any moment but sometimes more moving that others. Simple things like the sun setting in a brilliant sky, rain falling on a summers  day, a bird sitting on my windowsill or golden fields of wheat blowing in the warm breeze.
I want to be more aware of these moments, more open to them, more willing to stop and see them because they are right here and so easy to miss.
The other way Id like to include it in my life this year is Making Magical. For me this is all about consciously going to a little effort to create our own magical moments.
When I look back on 2014 the most magical moment was most definitely my birthday.It was totally created by myself  and Paul, it was so so much fun!! It did take a little effort but it was worth it and it will probably live to be my favorite memory of last year. I want to create more of this type of magical moments in my life and I would love to create some of this type of magical moment in others lives too, though I am not sure how I am going to do that. Any ideas?

So do you have one little word this year? What is it?

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