Thursday, 26 February 2015

180 Ornament Progress

I just finished up my March ornaments and I'm feeling kinda happy about it!
 The last few stitched up really easily over chatting and tea, which is of course always lovely.
I'm undecided about what ornament I am making for March, decisions decisions!
 Here is all 36 ornaments, I'm really happy with where this is heading but I'm still debating weather to add in another colour or not and if so I have no idea what colour to add in....aqua, a light limey green or grey are all contenders.
So I guess I have two questions for you, do you think I should add in a different colour? what colour? and What ornament should I make for March? ( can you believe we are already marching into March!!??)


  1. Wow, these are looking fantastic!! Do you have the 'Fa la la la felt' book? It's so good and has heaps of beautiful ornaments in there. Umm, my suggestion would be a gingerbread man or a tree. I think lime green would be super if you were going to add in another colour - because I love lime green and pink together ;)

    1. Hello! I do have the fa la la la la felt book, it's such a lovely book! Thanks for your suggestions, I've got a day or two to finally decide 😉