Tuesday, 10 February 2015

180 ornaments - hearts

I finally managed to get a start on my 18 ornaments for February, it seems that February is flying past me at the speed of light so I better get a jump on these ornaments. I was hoping to get some more done with my lovely friend Emma ( Hello Emma) but alas there was far too much tea drinking and chatter to get any crafting done ;-)
 I figured that since its Valentines day soon hearts would be just the ornament to make this month, an obvious choice I know but hearts would have made it into the mix at some point so why not now!
 I started off with this one above and have since progressed to add an extra colour of felt sometimes that's how it works, to just dive right into it. Unlike the little houses which began after a few drawings and then evolved (still I want to make some larger ones!) they may even evolve again.
 As you can see the hearts are a little bigger than the houses, it will be nice to have a variety of sizes when I am all done. I'm thinking that they would be cute hung on my stick tree during valentines day too, its always good when things have a double use. Do you put up any valentines decorations? Any chance for me to celebrate love and I'm sure gonna do it, what is better than  a huge sprinkling of love?!
This years Christmas tree sure is going to have a lot of different shades of pink, I really cant wait to see it, it will be fab! 
I will be back tomorrow with some valentines day craft! See you then.

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