Saturday, 7 February 2015

Snail Mail

I recently sent some snail mail and I had been thinking for quite a while that it would be nice to make some  bookmarks to send since they would fit into a snail mail package really easily.
 I began by just colouring a few sheets of white card stock with gelatos and then painted and blended the colours together. Then cut the paper into about 6 inches x 2 inches to crate the bookmarks.
 On some separate paper I drew some cute little things and glued them on to the bookmarks then laminated them and added ribbon.I drew some of the same images on the snail mail letter and painted them with watercolours.
 Snail Mail is such a lovely fun thing to do, I'm so glad that I have an amazing pen pal. I've been thinking lately that I would love to send some snail mail to some other people I know just because it is so nice to get something happy in the mail.
 I wrapped up some choccies and some tea and coffee to go with the bookmarks and letter with some blue tissue paper and a project life card tucked in there and posted it all off.


  1. I would love to be your snail mail pal! I have two at the moment. One in Wales and one in India. I love to see a pretty envelope arrive with the inevitable pile of bills. If you would like to swap letters ease get in touch xx

  2. Amie I just love your book marks you are so clever...they are so pretty gee I wish you lived closer oh the fun we could have-love dee x

  3. Hi Aime I don't comment here much. I'm more of an Instagram person these days but I would love to be your penpal. I am in the ACT. let me know

    1. Hello Ronnie! I love instergram too, it's such a lovely instant place! I don't think at the moment I can commit to a regular pen pal but I would love to exchange letters on a kind of irregular basis. I have a pen friend at the moment who I tend to feel super bad if I get late with my letter and I don't think I could keep up with two but I would love to send some irregular mail. Lol does that make any sense? If your happy with that email me at