Thursday, 12 February 2015

On My Table

I've got so much to do today ahhhh! Some of it is get organised for tomorrow- Valentines Day! Since its on a Saturday my little boys are expecting me to decorate and create a Valentines Breakfast. Yup its my own fault for creating traditions, as soon as I told them it was valentines day they were expecting me to create some magic!
 Well I'm not there yet, in all reality I didn't have anything much planned and most of what I do will be last minute, tonight when they are in bed. But in general the things they are expecting aren't too hard to do. Set the table for a lovely breakfast, my lovely in-laws gave me a heart shaped pancake fry pan for Christmas so hubby can cook up some pancakes and of course my boys love balloons so I always have some on hand for days like this. Simple. I really want to stress that setting the table with a little more thought than normal is really all it takes and it makes everything feel special, it is so nice when you can just use what you have to make something a little more magical.
 I am hoping to add some cupcakes to the mix, if I don't run out of time today and I have half made a valentines mobile, I've misplaced my staples so if i find them today I might just be able to finish that off too. We are super lucky this year that timing has worked out with our baby sitter and so we wont have the boys overnight, this means that we are doing breakfast with them rather than a dinner.
Anyway I did end up hanging the ornaments on my stick tree and that was a lovely way to make things start to feel a bit lovey around here. So that's whats on my hall table today! 


  1. Well done you! you are so organised and I love the idea of a valentines breakfast. I usually cook something nice for a valentines dinner with a special dessert - chocolate lava pudding with homemade ice cream. Might have to nip out and see if i can get some heart-shaped silicon moulds for it ;) Enjoy your day!

  2. what an adorable idea! I used beach wood sticks in a blue vase and hung crystal stars on it at christmas - was really effective. Never get down on yourself about creating tradition - that is beautiful and will be life long joy for your kids when they reflect on those special times in the future! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! It's one of my greatest wishes that my boys have lots of happy memories of all the fun traditions we had. Thanks for stopping by!