Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A peek into my bedroom

I thought today I would give you a little look in to my bedroom mostly because I am a little nosy myself and I love to see other bloggers spaces especially craft spaces and bedrooms they have to be my favorite!I know I have a lot of pink in our bedroom and I have to say,Yes I do have the loveliest husband who just wants me to be happy and that means some pink!
 So I just bought this Ikea spotty quilt cover because my old one was starting to fall apart and I had been searching for some time for a polka dot quilt cover this one ended up satisfying most of my wants. You know you have to add polka dots to the pink, so happy!
 I have some cute little pink lights hanging in our bedroom and the dream catcher I made, I love having it hanging here in our bay window it just makes me so happy
 In the bay window I have a small desk with my laptop on and also a few other pretty things. My planner usually lives here too.
 On the opposite wall to the bed right now I have a bunch of flowers and a candle, these are the spaces that I love to change up frequently and try to keep it fresh.
So there you have it a little peek into my bedroom. 
Do you like to change things up in your bedroom, do you ever have fresh flowers?

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