Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Project Life: Our Holiday

I am so behind with project life, well at least I feel behind and that feeling was kind of making me feel stuck which was getting me absolutely nowhere! I have a large (huge!) pile of photos that are from December and Christmas, none from October and November and now none from January also no printer ink and just over 40 minutes to anywhere that can print them.
Of course I just wanted what I couldn't have and wanted to start back at October, where I finished off, yesterday I decided to just get on with it and get some of this pile into sleeves.
 And magically my rut ended, haaa haa! I kept it super super simple I will probably go back and add a bit more to it, some stamping would be nice but for now I am happy that I got some of the pile into my album.
 These photos are all from a small trip we made to Pt Augusta to my Uncle and Aunties Shack, I spent some lovely holidays there as a kid and had some really happy memories there so I was keen to show my three boys this relaxing place. Of course my boys loved it, they all love being in nature and fishing and messing about so they had an awesome time.
 These photos are spread over two double page spread even though we were only there for three days I really didn't want to edit the photos down too much. So I just went with it, I think this is somewhere along the lines of how I will do project life this year. I want to be able to go for it with things that I love and just leave out the really boring bits, or weeks where I didn't take photos of anything interesting.
 I also added in two smaller page protectors, so that I could add more photos in. This gave me the opportunity to add landscape and portrait photos in because I generally take photos both ways and sometimes this can be a little limiting with page protectors generally being all in one format.
Have yo started project life for this year, are you keeping it simple or really going for it?

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