Tuesday, 24 February 2015

In My Craft Bag

During the school term my eldest boy and I have quite a long wait in the car in the mornings its about 40 minutes and in the afternoons about the same. We have started walking in the mornings to fill in the time most days, Blake sometimes wants a break or whatever but that still leaves the afternoon. 
 Often (more often than I would like!) I end up perusing social media. Its so much more productive when I am organised and have simple things to do.Over the last few weeks I have been a little more organised and have been keeping a selection of happy things to do/make  in my little craft bag that one of my lovely friends made for me.
 I have found that if I take ten minutes on a Sunday evening to sort out what I am doing for the week then I am much more ready to do things in these pockets of waiting time. 
 This week in my craft bag: some cotton and crotchet hook to make some more dishcloths, some pre-cut hearts to finish off my ornaments for the month and some embroidery thread, scissors and needles.
  I tend to like keeping everything separate and organised with some sandwich size snap-lock bags because you can see exactly what is in there. All these things get packed into there bags and popped into my little craft bag with of course this little tea bag pouch too!
 The craft bag can just go with my in my bag or in the car with me or even at night watching tellie, I have something crafty there to do that I don't even have to think about! So Simple and so worth taking the time to do.

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