Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mamie Made: Dish Cloths

I have been in desperate need of  a few new dishcloths, I only have one at the moment and refuse to buy them, but have been using it far too long. I love handmade ones much better they seem to clean better and don't get stinky. I had been wanting to get my hands on some sugar n cream cotton but it seem to keep falling to the bottom of the list (and I'm supposed to be spending less lol)
Well two things happened at the same time, I found myself wandering the isles of spotlight and there they had yarn on sale, that was it! I bought yellow and pink! Then I saw on One crafty Mummas blog this post, about making a dish cloth a week and trying out some new patterns and I am defiantly one to get myself into a crotchet rut because I am hopeless at reading patterns (and recipes for that matter!) I am a much more visual person.
Anyway I went straight to my pinterest boards and dug up this pattern from One Dog Woof that I had been wanting to make. It is for a coaster so I simply kept crocheting to make the circle bigger and... hip hip hooray I now have two simple and colourful dish cloths and another on my hook. I will be getting myself some lovely yarn very soon but until I am happy with these!
Are you planning any crafting for the weekend?


  1. I love these, so pretty with the frilly edge. Did you use cotton yarn in the end....?

    1. Thanks so much Knitbakecultivate! I might make some more to use as place mats under vases because I like there frilly edge so much. Yes sadly spotlight only sell a cotton acrylic blend, well I am yet to find a pure cotton there.