Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mamie Made: a Valentines Wreath

 Have you ever thought about adding a valentines wreath to your front door at this time of year? I know here down under you don't generally see this type of thing. In my small town I must be known as the crafty freak who decorates her door because NOBODY decorates for anything here, well if it brings someone a smile them I am happy to do it!
 So I began with a pizza sized box, the kind of box that you get happy scrapbooking mail in and drew a large heart on it, then a smaller heart inside. I cut it out simply with a box cutter.
 Then adhered fabric to the heart, you could do this with lots of different types of adhesive, I ended up securing it with some hot glue and a staple here and there, I was originally going to do some stitching on the heart that's why I used the double sided tape, I changed my mind and so just finished it off with a little hot glue.
 I added simple hand made flowers that are some cute patty pans(cupcake liners) cut them down a little and stapled them on to some card and cut out a flower shape then stapled a few pieces of circle shaped tissue paper  and fluffed them up. Also I added a few green patty pans folded in half to make a leaf shape to give the wreath a little more pop.
 The flowers were adhered to the front with some more hot glue, oh I love hot glue it makes making so easy! I attached some wool to the back with some more staples (I'm also in love with my tiny attacher lol!) and then tied it onto my front door. I'm a loving a pop of polka dot on my front door it always makes me smile when I get home.
Now to go add some valentines happiness to the rest of my house!

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