Monday, 2 February 2015

Finding Magic

I've struggled with my One Little Word during January. I found it fairly easy to find those peacefully magic moments but not so easy to make magic. I guess my biggest problem is that as the mum in my little family of four we tend to be the ones to make things happen. So with lots of other things to make happen, magic kinda fell to the bottom of the list.
 Some time during January I decided that it would be great to start recording some of the magical moments and I thought the simplest way to do that would be just to write it down on a piece of scrap paper and pop it in a jar. I haven't been managing to do it every day but its nice to think that by the end of the year I will have a jar of magical moments.
It might even be nice to get my family to write down a magical moment every now and then, so that they can be a part of my magical year.  And I must find a way to make some magic happen and soon :-)

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